When it comes to requesting either a proposal for their Survey Services, or actually performing the work; Dan, Alesha, Mason, and the rest of the Eagle Survey team have been nothing but Fast, Reliable, Responsive, Accurate, and Cost Competitive.

We get so much more from their team and their services as compared to other survey teams, whom we've had some bad experiences with in the past, but now we have found no one that can meet the expectations set by the Eagle Survey Team!

Thank you Eagle for knocking the last 6 surveys out of the ballpark for us and for our client, and expeditiously for how far away the sites were.

Thank you again,
William K. Milligan
the High-Line Group, llc



I have worked with Dan on multiple projects Over the last 20 years. I was elated to learn he would be opening Eagle Surveying. If I wasn’t his first Eagle customer, I was certainly close to it. The level of service at Eagle Surveying is stellar, the response time is lighting fast, and the staff is dedicated to following through with ALL questions on ANY project.  Eagle is our go to surveying company! 5 stars from IMA Development.

T Arnold - Justin, Texas

I have enjoyed working with Eagle Surveying since 2016 and I appreciate their prompt response & service on construction staking and overall project surveying, platting and land planning. I will continue working with Eagle Surveying on projects in the future and I do highly recommend them.

Robert Gravley

Gravley LDS, LLC.